Our 15 minutes of fame

Times Sq., NYC, February 12, 2010. Click to embiggen.

Ingrid, Ralph - Times Sq.

We had just landed in Newark a couple of days before after having spent 4 weeks in Florida. We woke up the next morning to a world knee-deep in snow. Having booked a car to get from Newark to Kennedy, we decided that if he would drive, we might as well find a hotel near Kennedy, no easy task with all flights canceled or delayed, but we got a room. Turned out that Austrian Air Lines wouldn’t have a replacement seat for us for 3 days, so we decided to make the best of it and travel on the train to Manhattan every day and just hang around and take lots of pictures. We were approaching Times Square from the south at around 40th Street when we saw what appeared to be a professional photo crew and, of course, that piqued our curiousity so we went to take a look. As we approached, one of the crew approached us and explained that it was a Walgreens/Hersheys promo for Valentine’s Day and that if we would permit them to take our picture it might make it to a billboard. The rest is history and we had our 15 minutes of fame. The last we saw of the billboard, our pic was running in 5 to 10 minute rotatation. We had an uneventful flight home the next day.

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